We are looking for my family and the
Coat Of Arms

This is the Coat of Arms I found on a ring from my grandfather.
This is very important for me and this Coat Of Arms is my Goal!!
Anyone out there?




This Is supposed to be Our Family
Coat Of Arms
Is there one who can confirm this
I also have a History Name of Rolli, but does not tell me anything about my family from the 1900

Family Name History 2.58Mb

I donít know much, but this is what I have:

Grandfather = Alvise Rolli, died in Milan, about 1982-83
Grandmother = Regina Bonmassar Rolli, died in Copenhagen 1985-87
My Mother = Maria-Luisa Elisabetta Rolli Sguazzino, born in Zagreb, Died Feb 1992 Copenhagen
My Self = Massimo Georgio Rolli Sguazzino, Born Feb 1969

I know that my grandfather had a Brother and their father was a Baron. I have at little more to this story
My family had some companies in slovenia, Yogoslavia before the 2nd world war and had to flie at the end of the war.
So I gues some went to Trieste, Milan and Venezia, but I know that they should have some thing in Zagreb, who knows.

If anybody have any information about my family or about the above Coat Of Arms
Please write to us